OS X - Creating a New User

You should create a user account for each person who regularly uses your computer. Each user has a separate home folder and can adjust his or her settings without affecting other users.

To create a user account:

    1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences and click Users & Groups (Accounts in <=10.6).

        • Click the lock icon to unlock it, and type an administrator name and password.

        • Click the Add (+) button below the list of accounts.

        • Choose a type of account from the New Account pop-up menu.

        Administrator: An administrator can create, delete, and modify accounts, install software, and change system settings.

        Standard: Standard users can install software for their own use and change settings related to their accounts, but can’t administer other accounts.

        Managed with Parental Controls: For these accounts, the administrator can restrict access to applications and inappropriate content, and limit the amount of time users can use the computer.

        Sharing Only: Sharing-only users can access shared files, but can’t log in or change settings on the computer.

        Group: A group account contains other user accounts and is used for setting privileges for shared files.

            • Enter a name for the account.

              A short name is generated automatically. If you want to use a different short name, enter it now. (After the account is created, you can’t change the short name.)

            • Enter the account password in the Password and Verify fields, and then enter a hint to help the user remember the password.

            • If you want the home folder encrypted for security, select the “Turn on FileVault protection” checkbox.

            • Click Create Account.

            • If you want the user to be able to have administrator privileges, select “Allow user to administer this computer.”


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